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What Lovely Roses

My wife came in the door finding me waiting for her with a cocktail. She was smiling,
"Kaaren I see we have 5 lovely new rose bushes in the front yard but when I checked the landscapers e-mail invoice they didn't mention them. Do you know anything about that?"
"The man said that they were free for us because we were so nice to him." I replied.
My wife raised an eyebrow as she sipped her drink.
"What do you suppose he meant by that?"
""I really couldn't say for sure but it just may be that we tip him really well."
Another raised eyebrow, "It's just ten dollars....that's not such a big deal."
I blushed, "I might have added a little bit extra to that...he's so handsome and big."
"Handsome and big is he?" my wife laughed, "sounds to me like someone has been a naughty sissy...again!. After you give me all the details I think you might be in for a spanking. I' know he's handsome but tell me...how big?"
I blushed again and told her how we got the 5 free rose bushes.

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